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Calling all content consumers

Data is growing and in endless supply and unlike oil, is not running out anytime soon. If your business depends on quality data content and you are looking for an edge, is the place for you.

A ground breaking on-demand, content rich, device agnostic service with simple, highly flexible licensing and payment terms. is the new financial data marketplace open to all content consumers to source and subscribe to all the market data sources they need. Seamlessly connect with established, new, alternative and specialist providers of all market data types, faster and cheaper than ever before. It’s simple, highly effective and open to all. Start subscribing today!

Calling all content creators

Data, not oil, is rocking the new world economy.

Want to commercialise your invaluable market data content at significantly lower cost and reach a global audience? Need to accelerate data sales but frustrated by being unable to provide customers with a simple preview of the depth and breath of your content? Want to provide your consumers multiple ways to connect to your data, without the burden of having to build the connector adaptors yourself? If yes, then you have come to the right place. is the single, financial data marketplace open to all content creators which enables them to avoid the infrastructure restrictions imposed by legacy data vendors. Use it to showcase and sell more by connecting with new markets and new subscribers, faster and cheaper than ever before. It’s simple, highly effective and open to all. Start contributing today.

What’s next in market data is first on

The new financial data marketplace designed to democratise the creation and dissemination of all the world’s market and alternative data content, with no limits. opens up a new world of opportunities for all market participants. Whether you are buying or selling long established data sources, new or alternative sets, is the place to be. Gain significant competitive advantage through enhanced insights and create lucrative new business opportunities and channels, faster than previously possible.

Our vision is to create a dynamic, digitally driven ecosystem which enables the free-flow of all market and alternative data types, globally. For the first time, provides a unique ability to monetise content and alternative data including hard to find, invaluable sources from within nascent and developing markets. The objective is to truly enable collaboration for all market participants by working with partners who share our goals and are focused on high quality content and its value. Not just the venue.




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Whoever you are, whatever your needs, is an all inclusive community. It enables content creators to very simply and cheaply distribute market content data to a global audience, faster than ever before. All consumers, whether enterprise users, niche players or sole traders are now free to choose what they want, liberated from the long established, old world restrictions of acquiring the precise data sources they want.

Size doesn’t matter. covers the entire spectrum of global content creators and content consumers. This includes investment banks, benchmark administrators, inter-dealer-brokers and trading venues. We have already established strong relationships with content owners on a global scale, many of whom are established players and others are small in footprint but giants in their specialist fields. – open to all. Everywhere, be part of it.

Freedom to choose.

Whether you are a content consumer or a content creator, puts you in control. It is transforming the industry’s ability to showcase, distribute and digest digitally rich content. is a self service, device agnostic solution with simple, highly flexible licensing and payment terms. Browse the content menu, select and get connected. Excel users, Application Developers (OpenFin, Python, R, C++), web interfaces (web portals, mobile apps, Symphony apps) and platforms (Bloomberg, Refinitiv, etc.) are all supported.

Powered by MDX Technology (MDXT) is underpinned by a world class technology, delivering a modern, flexible financial data marketplace environment for all content creators and content consumers. It is the leading provider of robust data capture tools for harvesting established and/or hard to find content, aligned with multi-channel publishing technologies. Proven across the global financial services industry, MDXT is used by many of the world’s leading financial institutions, trading firms and inter dealer brokers across the entire asset class spectrum, from front to back-office including energy, commodities and fixed income.

Click here to go to MDXT website. is open for business.
Come and join our growing content community.

Content Partners

IOWA.Rocks Cubelogic

Business intelligence enabled risk management

IOWA.Rocks Evia

The world class benchmark for the wholesale venues market.

IOWA.Rocks Fact Entry

Great fixed income data. The high quality alternative

Fact Entry
IOWA.Rocks Leba

London Energy Brokers Association

IOWA.Rocks Numerco

Best in class nuclear fuels specialist data


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The data commercialisation experts

IOWA.Rocks MDX Technology

Smarter Market Data Solutions

MDX Technology

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IOWA.Rocks David Priestly
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IOWA.Rocks Darren Bishop


“The new company name and url is The original Project IOWA brand was a reference to the movie Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner set in Dubuque County in the state of IOWA. The film included the iconic line ‘if you build it, he will come. While we were looking around for a new name, we used Project IOWA as a holding pattern until we decided on the final brand. During our market sizing discussions with many industry participants, the IOWA name and rationale behind it resonated with virtually everyone we spoke to. And so was born.”

“In this business timing is everything. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time, and from our perspective within the market data arena specifically, trading communities across the globe are eager for change. One of the biggest issues for all participants is that the current market data environment hasn’t changed in over 30 years. In contrast, the entertainment industry has been leading the charge by revolutionising the way consumers can acquire and pay for their entertainment preferences irrespective of the media, be it music, audio books, film or TV. The financial services sector has been watching this step change very closely and is enthusiastically embracing the data transformation wave. And we are seeing increasing demand from our own customers for a more flexible, cost effective way to acquire this all important content. This is what the new is all about.”

“MDXT is already providing “private” end-to-end data distribution solutions for key content providers and we are currently expanding our technology to embrace an “all-to-all” model. We are in advanced conversations with a number of content providers who are all keen to be part of this exciting initiative. Data is already available via our various end points eg: Webpages, mobile apps, the Symphony app, etc. IOWA is rocking and rolling.”

“Absolutely not. is not designed to replace or replicate what is already a convenient distribution channel for some. It’s all about creating a flexible ecosystem where both content owners and content consumers can explore how the alternative choices now available to them will transform the way they operate. It is all about enabling powerful new collaboration capabilities. is the natural progression. is all about choices.”

“Yes. We have already forged great relationships with a number of niche content providers including Numerco, FactEntry and EVIA, a leading benchmarking organisation. A fantastic example of this is our collaboration with Numerco. They specialise in the execution of Nuclear and distillate DMA Marine Fuel which is quite a departure from the norm. They are trailblazers in the business and were actively seeking a different approach to disseminating their market data for customer pricing and risk management. They were also keen to extend their information sales capabilities. Their goal is to provide their customers with absolute flexibility on the channels they use and to what end point or device, without the financial burden of a huge CAPEX investment. This is where really comes into its own.”

“An excellent question. The simple answer is we just keep building. Since inception we have been having some great conversations on content and delivery. It’s clear that one size does not fit all and all content owners are looking for the widest distribution possible. Keen to maximise information sales, they are looking for technical solutions that make sense and at the right price point. They are also very aware that data doesn’t just sell its self, capturing it and then making the data available is only part of the challenge. Marketing and strategic sales are key.

On the other side of the coin, perhaps not unsurprisingly, content consumers are very focused on cost. While data services used in the front office are part of a profit centre mindset, the cost centres in the middle-back and compliance areas are a target area for cost saving projects. It’s fascinating to be working with both the providers and the consumers and we are involved in thoughtful and openminded discussions across the industry. Many claim that about 80% of the world’s data has been created in the past two years, if this is true, we might just see an arms race where the truly successful companies are the ones that have a clear vision for the provision of market data and alternative data. We believe is the way forward in the new data driven economy.

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